Tomorrow’s workforce solutions. today.

Improving the performance of your operation requires more than throwing people at the problem. In fact, attracting, retaining and developing a high-performance team could be one of your biggest challenges. You need new ideas, real-time data, and the right people to keep you moving ahead. And, you need a partner that has knowledge of your business and your industry.

That partner is Leadpoint.

Onsite Management


Improving the performance of your operation takes attention to detail. Every day. Our onsite Performance Managers will be there for you and your team to make sure we achieve your workforce goals. Together.

These experts manage the performance of each worker, from orientation to career development planning. They monitor KPIs and production deadlines, handle budgets and work through unforeseen disruptions.

With a Leadpoint Performance Manager on your team, you’ll spend less time dealing with everyday personnel issues and more time improving your company’s bottom line.

Implementation: THE LEADPOINT 5/90 

The Leadpoint 5/90 is a rigorous five step implementation process carried out over 90 days. It gets your high-performance work team started with maximum potential and minimal disruption.

1 – Assessment. We evaluate your personnel mix, equipment needs, maintenance requirements, safety programs, and output goals and environment. That analysis is used to calculate a pricing model for your program.

2 – Planning & Agreement. We provide a report of initial findings and a workforce solution aligned to your site objectives and expectations. We agree on a transition plan and timeline.

3 – Startup & Transition. Leadpoint puts your plan in place. This is a period of rapid improvement in performance.

4 – Analysis & Benchmarking. Formal analysis is conducted to establish benchmarks and key metrics, make any program adjustments, and begin planning for long-term improvements such as rightsizing and capital improvements. The goal is to:

  • Put a stable management group in place
  • Ensure a steady stream of candidates for open positions
  • Begin data capture and reporting for ongoing analysis
  • Establish a regular meeting cadence.

5 – Sustained Growth & Monitoring. We work with you to monitor work team behaviors and approach that bring the growth and results you seek.

Workforce Optimization


Just as the skills and experience of your staff members is important to your business success, the industry expertise of our Performance Managers is critical to the success of your partnership with Leadpoint.

Our onsite Performance Managers have direct experience in your industry. We recruit them for the specific background they bring to every customer engagement. They will ramp-up quickly and add value across the work site from Day One.

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