Meet Our Onsite Managers

More Than Recycling

Nicky describes herself as a compassionate, down-to-earth people person.

“Yes, we work in trash and recycling, but I like showing people that the work here is about more than that,” she said. “It’s a family environment. We care about each other and work as a team.”

Nicky started her recycling career as a sorter in Seattle. Three days later she told the line lead that she wanted his job. Three weeks later she got her shot and continued moving up from there. After stints as a shift supervisor and interim member of the operations support team, she was offered the onsite   manager position in Madison and moved across the country to take it.

As a leader, she knows this is her time to shine. “Communication with my employees helps with teamwork and retention,” Nicky said. “I invite the team to share their stories, not just about work but about their families and about how they’re doing.

“I always put it out there that Leadpoint offers opportunity for growth,” she said. “Listen, I got my onsite manager position before my year date with the company. If you can look beyond dealing with recycling and trash and toward the future, Leadpoint can definitely get you far.”