Working in a MRF can be rewarding

Melissa Vega – Wilbraham, Mass.

Creating a Nurturing Environment

When Melissa joined Leadpoint, she had the relatively unique opportunity to open a new recycling plant from the ground up. “I don’t shy away from a challenge,” she said. From her first interview, she knew she had a lot to learn. Melissa also recognized that Leadpoint was the kind of company she was searching for as she moved on from her prior role where, she said, “It was brutal.

“I wanted to work somewhere that had a nurturing spirit for the employees,” Melissa said, “and a place that allowed me to create that nurturing environment with my team, too.” She implemented things like check-ins to make sure everyone was working safe, daily safety meetings, and helping employees understand what it means to be safe.  “I want to communicate that Leadpoint sincerely cares about every associate and wants them to get home to their family safely every night,” she said.

Another of Melissa’s secrets to building a climate of care and concern is her training matrix. “I posted a matrix with each associate’s name and the tasks associated with each job in the MRF,” she said. “When an associate completes the training for a specific task, it’s marked-off on the matrix. The team knows that they can have more flexibility in their job if they are trained on as many tasks as possible. It is a fun challenge for them.”

Under Melissa’s leadership, the Wilbraham team is nurtured, motivated, and on the path to long term success.


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