Manufacturers today face a common problem: finding and keeping the right people, with the right skills, to meet their production goals.  Add the growing pressure to implement new technologies like robotics and artificial intelligence, and things get even more challenging. It’s clear that you can’t get ahead without new thinking and innovative solutions for getting more efficient with your workforce. That’s not something that traditional staffing companies provide.

Leadpoint works with manufacturing companies nationwide to improve, measure and maximize the productivity and profitability of their operation. We combine data-driven analysis of your processes, onsite leadership coaching, and recruiting and training of high-performance work teams to help you move your operation forward. In short, we help manufacturers cut costs and deliver a higher return on every wage dollar.

We have specific manufacturing experience in electronic assembly, food processing and packaging, and the automotive industry. We understand the concerns and problems companies face with training, safety and turnover. And we know the critical importance of keeping the workforce motivated and the assembly line moving.

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