Meet Our Onsite Managers

Always Give 100%

Leonard is dedicated. Energetic. Organized. Those traits are part of his DNA. They were also fine-tuned during his service in the U.S. Army. His military background taught him leadership skills and the ability to work with others and help them grow.

“Being in the military, you learn how to deal with different types of people from all backgrounds,” Leonard said. “I can pretty well adapt to anything. That experience prepared me to do what I’m doing now at Leadpoint.”

After his honorable discharge, the Army prepared him to work in the corrections field. “Corrections is just like the military,” he said. “They have order, discipline, and uniforms. I adapted to the role, gave it my all, and quickly moved up through the ranks.”

Along the way, he earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Metropolitan State University and a master’s degree in public administration.

“My advanced degree better prepared me to write and to communicate with people,” Leonard said. “That’s something I enjoy and use every day at Leadpoint. I like to connect with people and identify problems before they happen.

“I encourage my associates to give 100% to all aspects of their life, and to continue their education,” he said. “Nobody can take that away from you.”