Working in a MRF can be rewarding

Kyle Jurcisek – Onsite Manager, GFL NEC / Hanover Township, PA

Good Things Happen in Threes

Three good things happened for Kyle on the same day in March 2021: he had his first day on the job as the onsite manager at GFL NEC; he celebrated his three-year anniversary with Leadpoint, and he signed a three-year lease on a beautiful home in the Pennsylvania mountains.

Kyle says the sky’s the limit in terms of what he and his three family members can do in their new home. “My wife and two kids are all about doing outdoor things,” he said. “Our new home is on four wooded acres and we have big plans for what we can do there, like purchasing ATVs, getting my son into motocross, and my daughter into horseback riding.”

Over the years, Kyle has had three distinct roles with Leadpoint, starting first as a sorter, then line lead, and finally onsite manager. “For the first month I wanted to quit,” he says. “The lines made me sick and dizzy. But everyone at the site helped me, kept pushing me, and eventually, I got used to the work. I’ve been growing ever since.”

Kyle’s experience with Leadpoint is something he uses to his advantage with his team. He can get the attention of his crew because he’s lived it himself. “I was you at one point,” he tells them. “Everything you’re feeling, I’ve felt. Then, I share how I got through it and got to where I am today. I think it creates a comfort level and a bond among us.”

Kyle credits Leadpoint with giving him a structure and a routine that helps him stay sane and sober. “I lacked structure in my life until I worked here,” he says, “but now I’m all about routine. That’s what works for me.”

He does admit, however, that some of the best times he’s had with his family are unplanned road trips. “They always turn out better than the planned ones,” he says with a smile.


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