Meet Our Onsite Managers

Learning To Fly

Kurtis was a first-time Onsite Manager when he was assigned to his first facility, which was also brand new. Really new – new construction, new machines, new people.

Prior to this role, Kurtis was new to recycling. Before he started with Leadpoint in 2019, he always knew the recycling industry was out there, but didn’t think he’d end up being a part of it. It was all new.

“I started at a site in Spokane, Washington, as a sorter then was promoted to line lead, and shift manager. I kept getting promoted over 18 months,” Kurtis said. “I put in the work, gave it everything I had, and it paid off.”

As a new onsite manager, Kurtis tells every new associate, “If you put in the effort, Leadpoint will give you opportunities. They’ll give you a chance. I’m living proof of that.”

Today, Kurtis says, “This site has the hardest workers anywhere, because we have given opportunities to people who don’t always get them.” That’s a lesson-learned that will keep Kurtis and his team flying high!