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June 2021 Associate Newsletter

Hey Leadpoint Associates! Our bi-monthly associate newsletter was published today. Read it here!



4 Responses to “June 2021 Associate Newsletter”

  • Micheal E. Beard says:

    I think presorter should make more money it harder then any other spot at the mrf

    • MarieL says:

      More work=more money. You know the world doesn’t work that way. It goes exactly the opposite. The guy in the air conditioned office makes more than the guy with the shovel.

      • Leadpoint Moderator says:

        You’re correct that different jobs and skill sets come with different rates of pay. At Leadpoint, we offer a career ladder that allows our associates to move up and build long-term careers. Today, more than 1/3 of our managers started as sorters.

  • Jose Gonzales Jr says:

    Hi my name is Jose Gonzalez are you still work for you guys I get my Hundred 10% everyday other people get 25 to 50% Republican offer me a dollar fifty more so I took it to see a hard worker man and they know me now as a hard hard worker by seeing you working for you guys everyday so now I work for a Republican

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