Employee FAQs

How do I get a job with Leadpoint?
You can apply for a job right here on our website. You can also talk a recruiter at 855-801-1741 or email us at recruiting@leadpointusa.com.

What kind of work do you offer?
Leadpoint specializes in the waste and recycling industry. Most of the jobs we offer are for sorters/pickers at Material Recycling Facilities or MRFs.

Is this a temp job?
No. Our positions are full-time. If hired, you’d work for Leadpoint as a regular employee, assigned to one of our customer’s facilities. Your manager would also be a Leadpoint employee. More than 35 percent of our employees have been with Leadpoint for more than five years!

Do I need to have experience?
Most of our jobs require no experience in recycling. What we do require is a willingness to work hard and follow our policies on attendance, safety and dress.

Do you hire people who need second chances?
Yes. We have many employees who have served time or have been referred to Leadpoint by their probation officer.

Will I have opportunities to move up?
Yes. Waste/recycling is a growing industry, and Leadpoint is growing with it. Many of our employees have started as sorters and moved into other roles including managers. Today, more than a dozen of our onsite managers are people who started their career as sorters.

Who can I talk to about my application?
You can talk to a live person Monday-Friday from 8-5 Pacific time by calling 855-802-1741. You can also send us an email at recruiting@leadpointusa.com. We’re happy to help!

How can I report an issue about my employment?
You can express your concerns, ideas, and questions directly to our senior leadership. Use In Touch to confidentially report issues you feel need our attention.

Phone:    833-249-5188, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
Email:      Leadpoint@getintouch.com


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