Meet Our Onsite Managers

A Very Short History: The Brothertown Indian Nation

Jeremy Marx serves as President of the Board of the Brothertown Indian Nation’s nonprofit organization. He was formerly the Tribal Chairman or chief of the tribe and has been actively involved for 25 years. The Brothertown Indian Nation is a non-federally recognized tribe in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. It’s made up of the remnants of seven other tribes from New York and Southern New England that banded together as they were forced to move West in the early 1800s. Jeremy can trace his ancestry back to a full-blooded Native American Brotherton Indian.

Jeremy’s experience with the Tribe directly relates to his role as an onsite manager. Both require leadership skills, teamwork, and cooperation. In his nonprofit tribal work and at the Inver Grove Heights plant, Jeremy is tasked with helping people work through challenges and disagreements. What he enjoys about his role at Leadpoint is similar to the satisfaction he finds through his work with the Brothertown Indian Nation: working directly with people, handling managerial duties, helping to set policies and procedures, and training.