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It’s Good Business to Care for Employees

by Mike Dickey, Vice President, Human Resources

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to change the way our country and businesses operate, Leadpoint is still hiring. We are still at work. We are an essential employer.We take seriously our commitment to watch out for our employees, to partner with those who are actively at work and do demonstrate genuine care and concern for people during these difficult times.

Here are two examples that demonstrate why it’s good business to care for our employees.

As public transportation systems scale-back to support social distancing, we’re working with our customers and employees to adjust shift times to match bus schedules. In Las Vegas, our onsite manager and his leadership team take it a step further. When needed, they pick up our employees at their bus shelter and drive them to work so they arrive on time, earn a full day’s wages, and don’t have to walk.

One of our sites in the upper Midwest chose to shut down for two weeks for deep cleaning and disinfection. Leadpoint furloughed about 40 of our employees. We gave them letters to take to the local unemployment office so they could qualify for benefits during the shutdown, and stayed in close contact with them to keep them updated on their return date. When the MRF reopened, 100% of these people came back to work rather than staying on unemployment. They recognize that we are watching out for them and value the stability of the jobs we offer.

Leadpoint’s caring attitude is core to the family-like culture our owners, Frank and Diana Ramirez, have instilled in the company. It’s how they live their lives. And it’s made a difference during the coronavirus crisis as, together, we care for one another.

4 Responses to “It’s Good Business to Care for Employees”

  • Terrance Henley says:

    Hi my name is Terrance I work in the North Loop Las Vegas region and I was wondering if we get Hazard pay or essential fee because I work at night graveyard and I cut through machine and stuff and still out of nasty stuff that I go through but it’s understand that but I was just wondering

    • Leadpoint Moderator says:

      Terrance, thank you for connecting with us. There is no hazard pay requirement in Nevada. As a result, we do not pass along such pay differential to our associates at the Cheyenne plant. We very appreciate the safe work you perform for us. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way. Thank you again.

  • Joanna Alonso says:

    Having COVID do you still get paid ?

    • Leadpoint Moderator says:

      Hello, Joanna. If you have accrued any sick leave, you may submit an RTO to be paid as you would for any other sick time off. There are no special provisions for COVID sick time. Take care of yourself.

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