Working in a MRF can be rewarding

Harli Hubbard, Waste Connections / Vancouver, WA

Driven to Help People

When she started college, Harli imagined herself working in healthcare. She saw it as a career where she could truly help people. In the end, she switched majors to sport management and took a recruiting job, but the cut-throat world of tech staffing wasn’t for her.

She was looking for a change when her father, also a Leadpoint employee, encouraged her to apply for an onsite manager role.

“He told me how tough it was going to be, and he was right,” Harli said. “That first year was one of the hardest of my life. I worked 15-hour days to really learn the industry and how to keep this site running like a smoothly operating machine.”

To succeed, she relied on her experience as an athlete. You see, Harli was a pitcher for the North Carolina State women’s softball team throughout college. “Pitchers are perfectionists,” she said. “The team is depending on you to perform, no matter what. There’s an extreme amount of pressure to have team success but also significant rewards. Being an onsite manager is like that.”

Harli gets to know her people forwards and backwards. She knows that they depend on her to train them, keep them safe, achieve their daily KPIs, and help them move up and win.

She tells them, “There are unlimited opportunities at Leadpoint. It’s all what you make of it. If you want more and if you want to grow, it is all in the hard work that you put in.”

Looking back, Harli never would have guessed that she’d be where she is today, but she always knew that her drive would help her reach her goal of helping people. Her approach is, “Help me help you.”


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