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February 2021 Associate Newsletter

Hey Leadpoint Associates! Our bi-monthly associate newsletter was published today. Read it here!



11 Responses to “February 2021 Associate Newsletter”

  • Michael Smith says:

    Viable content! Thank you!

  • María Antonieta Rodríguez c says:

    Me gusta el trabajo

  • Vertis M Wilder says:

    Thank you Leadpoint and staff for introducing me to the news letter.

    I would be glad to learn more about this.

    Thank you,

    Vertis M Wilder

  • Anthony Parsen says:


  • Sorter- Alec_Long says:

    This news letter is great information on how to better communicate as a whole team. Also on how to better our skills to be productive in what we do at the worksite. So as i say to this news is that it seems a proven point of great opportunity as a company to work on as so for leading. To slowly generate possibilities and knowledge of the safety as well work duty terms to get through work.

  • Ashley hilscher says:

    Is there going to be a 401k retirement plan

    • Leadpoint Moderator says:

      Thank you for connecting with us on the company’s website with your question regarding whether we will be offering a 401K opportunity.

      Unfortunately, we are currently not considering offering this benefit to our field associates. It is an outstanding income deferral option for retirement savings that we hope to offer at some point in the future as our business continues to grow. Stay tuned!

  • Sonya Alvarez says:

    As a leadpoint employ I have seen some amazing improvement with the technology they have build. I’m proud to say we have an amazing hard working group at AXON. I can only pitcher how this amazing company will only keep growing in the past few more year to come. I’m very pleased of working for this company I could have not chosen anything better then leadpoint. I have become part of the family. Best wishes for this 2021 and all the year’s to come.

  • Meloni says:

    Nice working with you all

  • Joshua hall says:

    I currently just got my forklift safety training completed on my own 1-28-21 id like to move from the line to forklift operator if that’s possible

    • Leadpoint Moderator says:

      Congratulations on completing your training! Please talk to your onsite manager about the process of changing jobs at your site.

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