How does Leadpoint differ from traditional staffing companies?
We differ in one important way: Leadpoint doesn’t focus on headcount. We focus on getting the right people on the job in your operation and then working with them – and you – to improve productivity. The result is a greater efficiency and higher profits for your business.

It sounds like Leadpoint is going to tell me how to run my business, which is not what I need.
You are the expert in running your business. Our job is to work in partnership with you to assess and measure the productivity of a group of workers in your operation. This is data-driven work, powered by PeriscopeSM, Leadpoint’s data dashboard. We can also work with your team leaders to help them become more efficient in their roles.

Will I have the same workforce on site every day or will it be different people every day or week?
Many of our customers like the CORE Team model, where the same group of workers report to your site day after day. This model offers consistency, builds team knowledge and commitment, and reduces training time and turnover.

Do you really understand my industry or are you generalists?
We are specialists. Leadpoint works exclusively with the waste/recycling, warehouse and logistics, and manufacturing industries. In manufacturing, we have expertise in electronic assembly, food processing and packaging, and the automotive industry.

Our Performance Managers have direct experience in each customer’s industry and operating environment. This is a key benefit of Leadpoint’s high-performance work team solution.

How do we determine which pricing model to go with?
Leadpoint offers three pricing models: hourly, project, and output-based. We will work with you to determine the best pricing model for your needs and goals. We can also shift models over time as our relationship matures.

Once we decide to work with Leadpoint, how do we get started?
We have a specific process to help you transition from your current state to a high-performance work team model. We call it The Leadpoint 5/90: five steps that take place over 90 days. The steps are: Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Benchmarking and Monitoring.

Can I speak with a “real person” about my workforce needs and where Leadpoint might fit?
Absolutely! You can contact us during business hours at 800-552-3136. Once we start working together, your onsite Performance Manager will be available to you 24/7.

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