Meet Our Onsite Managers

I Started Life at A Very Young Age

That’s not a joke. From a very young age, Dan was always an independent self-starter, someone who took initiative and got things done. His first job, at the age of 18, was at a steel mill. Six months later he was taking care of himself and living on his own.

Dan had a family at a young age and used his go-getter attitude to complete his bachelor’s degree while working at the steel mill and taking care of three children. That’s how he got into his first management position at age 26, working in the tube and pipe industry. That job was a lot like the onsite manager role he now holds at Leadpoint.

“What drives me, what keeps me going, is having an opportunity to be part of a company’s growth and success,” Dan said. “It’s not the big successes, it’s the little ones that lead up to the big success.”

At Leadpoint, that means working with a great group of people, working through the small challenges, and hitting key milestones. That’s what gets Dan up in the morning for his trek to the plant.

“I’d rather drive 90 minutes to a job I love than 15 minutes to one I don’t like. When you love what you do, you don’t think about the commute,” he said.