Meet Our Onsite Managers

Always Over-Communicate

Damion describes himself as an approachable person who always tries to over-communicate with Leadpoint’s customer and especially with his team at the MRF. He believes that if his workforce knows the objective, understands what is needed, and is clear on what the criteria are for success, the plant will operate better, and people will enjoy their jobs more.

“When I started as the onsite manager, people were surprised that I came up, introduced myself and greeted them,” he said. “I saw joy on their faces.”

The simple act of creating joy paved the way for building an effective team. “Communicating is not the same as telling,” he said. For example, instead of telling people, ‘don’t do that’ Damion says something like, ‘I need your help on a safety issue’.

“When I take that approach, I can get their undivided attention and they hear me out,” he said. “If I can explain why something is useful or how it’s going to help them, it opens the door for me to elaborate or for the team to share an experience.”

Damion is always thinking about what can go wrong, about what can happen and how to prevent it. While he’s not a micro-manager, he consistently makes himself available to help out during the first two hours of each shift. “The team knows what needs to be done,” he said. “If I see areas where they’re going to fall short, I explain what needs to be adjusted and ask them to communicate back to me what they think we need to do differently.”

Most important to Damion’s communication approach is consistency. “I feel joy and pride personally when I’m consistent,” he said.