Meet Our Onsite Managers

Getting Out of the Comfort Zone

After a 29-year career in food distribution, 26 of them with the same company, Christian was looking for a change. He took a break, reset his priorities and went to school to get his insurance license. He got out of his comfort zone, completed the course and passed the difficult exam.

Before he could move into the insurance business, Leadpoint contacted Christian because of the natural fit they saw between his management experience and the onsite manager role. The first interview question was, what do you know about recycling? “I know my recyclables need to be out on the front lawn by 7 a.m. on Mondays,” Christian said with a smile.

Nevertheless, he got the job and once again was out of his comfort zone. “I try to learn something new every day, which isn’t hard because I have a lot to learn,” he said, “but I love every minute of it. I’m always learning.”

Like many onsite managers, Christian is continuously recruiting new employees. Part of the interview for new sorters is Leadpoint’s “top grading” process, bringing folks into the MRF to try their hand at sorting and experience the environment. “Everyone is out of their comfort zone when they first step into the MRF,” he said. “I lead by example, try to always be available to the team, stay humble, and make an effort to appreciate people every day.”