Working in a MRF can be rewarding

Bryan Bedisky, Onsite Manager, Millville, NJ

Know What to Look For

From Louisiana – oldest of 3 siblings – dad was in the USAF so they jumped around but ended up retiring out of Omaha/then moving back to Danville, PA where he calls home. Parents were from the area.

Bloomsburg University – classroom, just didn’t sit well with him – wanted to get out and work with his hands.

Started in construction – carpentry – did rough framing, remodeling – lots more satisfying for him. Did some ironworking for a few years, moved to Harrisburg with a custom metal fab/welding/pipefitting company. Building underwater treadmills, then went to the client company Hydroworks and moved up to manager – upwards to 13-14 employees in the shop but company downsized. Was with them for almost 14 years before he decided to move.

Found Leadpoint ad come up, applied, talked to Alex and Albert, then Mike D and Len – felt completely comfortable with all of them – no doubt that he wanted to pursue it.

New to recycling – surprised about all that was going on in the facility – # of guys who had to work together to get the materials completed and baled. Amount of recycling that coms through was a surprise. Keeping the environment clean and doing the right thing at all times – satisfaction to see how residential materials gets recycled. See what actually gets recycled – made him more aware.

Experience – how has it helped? Equipment, knowing how it runs, identify parts if they start to fail – being able to troubleshoot and work on some of that. PM will be part of his job at this facility, know what to look for. He can fix what breaks, weld, knows how to run a loader and forklift, his OSHA-10 training – will give him a lead with his guys so he can train them properly

It’s a County Authority site – Greenleaf Recycling, The Authority (Cumberland Co.)

Got married last year. Likes being outdoors – trails, fishing, golf is a favorite passion – take a little time with his wife to do weekend getaways (travel).

Nothing comes in life easy – if you want something, you have to work hard to get it. Always do the right thing.

It’s not the most glorious job or cleanest job in the world – really respect the guys who do the job. I’ve had jobs like this where I didn’t want to go to the job – dirty sweating, I know the thoughts that are in their heads. Focus on the retention – what can I do to make the job a little bit better each day.


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