Working in a MRF can be rewarding

Brandon Desrosiers – Huron

Leadership & Work-Life Balance

A lot of people don’t think much about work-life balance until it’s taken away. Brandon believes, that when your employer expects you to be available at all hours of the day and there are no boundaries between your job and your life, work becomes your life in an unhealthy way.

He found a healthy balance at Leadpoint. “It feels like the company wants what’s best for you and what’s best for the business,” Brandon said. “As the leader, I don’t have to shelter my team from outside stresses beyond their control.” That feeling meshes with the way Brandon leads his team: from the front. “I try to put people first, because a happy team is a productive team,” he said. “People quit a boss, not a job,” he continued. “That’s universal, and I don’t ever want to be the reason somebody leaves.”

Brandon’s background is key to his leadership style. It gives him great insight into how it feels to be on the front line like his sorters are. He grew up fixing things and over the years has worked on cars, had a career in trucking, and is currently restoring a 1940s era home, doing all the trades work himself. “I’m used to being a grunt,” he said. “A lot of people lose touch with what being a grunt is like and forget how hard it is to really work. I don’t ever want to lose that perspective.”

On balance, Brandon finds his escape on the water through boating, jet skiing, and being out in the middle of a lake. “It’s relaxing, like being rocked to sleep,” he said. “That balance in my life makes me a better manager and leader.”


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