Meet Our Onsite Managers

Four Lives

Bernard Russell’s career has led him down four distinct paths. In the late 1990s he was making rap music and became one of the fathers of “neo soul.” He toured the world, became a trendsetter, and met everyone from Eminem to Barack Obama.

Next came a shift into a retail clothing store in Detroit, building-up the only store in the area legitimately carrying name brands like Cole Hahn and Levi. Bernard and his partners ran “GEAR 4UR CLOSET” for five years before they closed the business.

From there, he ran a restaurant in a bowling alley. It was going well until the owner passed away and his heirs closed the business. Bernard needed something new. That’s when a Leadpoint recruiter cold-called him for an entry-level job at the Southfield MRF. He was promoted to onsite manager 18 months later.

With such a diverse background, how does the onsite manager role compare? “When I got this job, my mindset was, ‘I’m going to go in here and be the best I can be,’” Bernard said. “Once I really started learning the business and what it takes to run a plant, I fell in love with the work.

“Working for Leadpoint is as high as anything I’ve ever done because of how much I enjoy it,” he said.