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Benefits of Assigning Mentors During New Employee Onboarding

In any recycling plant, one of the keys to success with new employees is the onboarding process. Ensuring new staff are both well-trained and comfortable in their new environment is vital to helping them add value to your operation, reduces turnover, and builds teamwork.

At Leadpoint, our high-performance work team approach starts with the Leadpoint 5/90, a detailed 90-day implementation plan for building and maximizing our employees at your site. The plan includes the onboarding process for existing employees transitioning to Leadpoint and for new hires. In both cases, we advocate the value of assigning mentors to new employees.

Let’s look at some of the potential benefits of this approach, and why many businesses have success with it when bringing on new staff members.

benefits mentors employee onboarding

Getting Comfortable and Building Relationships

There are challenges to being a new employee entering an unfamiliar environment, but assigning a friendly and experienced mentor helps bridge this gap right away. The new employee has an instant relationship, plus is able to use their mentor as a networking hub to build further connections with the rest of the team.

It takes time for any new employee to grasp the culture and day-to-day operations of a new job. Regular interaction with a mentor, though, gives new hires an example to follow in doing their job effectively and safely.

Role Clarity

While any new employee will have some idea of their role and responsibilities before they start the job, there are always details that have to be learned on the job. A mentor can help layout these written and unwritten “rules of the road” in a simple and understandable way. Creating role clarity is critical for all employees and especially vital for new leadership staff who need to be able to delegate and remain accountable.

Employee Engagement

We’ve talked often about employee engagement in this space, and its importance in maintaining a profitable workplace. Research has shown that a top reason employees leave a new job quickly is lack of interaction or recognition: they don’t feel like they fit in. Assigning a mentor helps new employees learn their job quickly, begin delivering value to the company,  and reduces turnover. In addition, having a friend at work helps new employees understand the opportunities available to them, feel like they belong, and provides a source of constructive (but friendly) feedback as they acclimate to their new role.

Increased Productivity

Finally, bringing on a mentor for new employees can lead to increased productivity. Employees who are learning from a longtime expert on the job will build their skills faster in their new role, accelerating their development and the value they bring to the job and the MRF.

For more on how assigning a mentor to new employees might benefit your onboarding processes, or to learn about any of our recycling industry staffing services, speak to the team at Leadpoint today.

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