Meet Our Onsite Managers

A Country Girl

Audrey is a self-proclaimed country girl, born and raised on a peanut farm in rural Virginia on 1,000 acres of land her family still owns. Her country background has given Audrey a heightened appreciation for recycling. “I can see first-hand the effects of waste on our lands,” she said. “For us, recycling and composting were always a way of life.”

That experience got her started in the waste industry in 2005.

She started her recycling career at a landfill, worked her way up to an operations specialist then supervisor at a transfer station, and went on to earn her Virginia Waste License. When she had an opportunity to join Leadpoint, Audrey was ready. “I was excited to get involved in a MRF,” she said. “It’s not that different from the transfer station. The objectives are the same, we just use different machines and mechanics to get the job done.”

Audrey’s county upbringing fits well with her new role as an onsite manager and her passion for recycling. “We’re not going to have a clean, loving planet unless people make some changes, and recycling is an easy step,” she said. “I’d like to see a class taught in school about how to take care of our planet, right alongside history, English and math.”