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How to Attract Candidates Through Social Media

Are you struggling to attract millennial workers? If so, you aren’t alone: However, many employers are unaware they have a secret weapon right at their fingertips (at least in terms of hiring younger workers) – social media. Statistics show the vast majority of individuals in their first decade of employment utilize a social media outlet, and contrary to popular belief, these outlets can be just as much about finding prospective hires as they are about getting “likes.”

The Power of Positive Branding

If you are new to social media, it is important to keep one thing in mind – customer experience and image are everything. If you want millennials to work for your company, you need to put forward an image that entices them to do so. When utilizing social media, be sure to post material that will help others remember your company in a favorable light. You should also be using social media to actively engage with customers and prospective employees.

Use Targeted Job Advertisements

Target ads, as the name suggests, target individuals within a certain group. It does cost money to employ a targeted ad campaign, but if it is done correctly, countless job seekers and qualified workers will see your ads on a regular basis. Many targeted ad programs allow employers to target individuals working in a specific industry and area.

Spice Up Your Content With Visuals

Humans are visual animals, and if your social media posts include interesting images and videos, you will attract more positive attention. Consider posting videos of your staff to show what life is like within your company. The more high-quality images and media your posts and pages contain, the more individuals you will reach in the long-run.

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