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April 2021 Associate Newsletter

Hey Leadpoint Associates! Our bi-monthly associate newsletter was published today. Read it here!



15 Responses to “April 2021 Associate Newsletter”

  • James siebert says:

    Omg lol

  • Brandin says:

    Thanks for the Opportunity guys 👍

  • Bruce says:

    Can we get a 401k ?? So myself and co workers can build up something instead of living pay check to pay check

    • Leadpoint Moderator says:

      Though we continue to investigate additional benefits for our associates throughout the organization, we currently do not have plans to insert a 401(K) savings plan opportunity. We will certainly keep this at the forefront of our benefit plan enhancements as the company continues to scale in size. Thank you for sharing your interest!

    • Sarah Linzmeier says:

      I agree on a 401K. We need one!

  • Eddie Goodwin says:

    Awesome job on the News Letter.

  • Gina Olivas says:


  • Deborah says:

    LOL we are the working poor .

    • Jeff says:

      At least in my location, we’re on the lower end of the middle class if you pool resources with a working spouse if you have a few kids or are single with no kids.

      Not bad for a job with zero formal skills requirements.

  • Dale Doss says:

    Good morning I am in need of a locker how can I go by doing that please help me with that thanks David D Doss Sr.

    • Leadpoint Moderator says:

      Please speak directly to your onsite manager about getting a locker. They are the best resource for helping you out. Thanks!

  • Lynn Schaefer says:

    Hi, I wrote in earlier about shorts for sorters at the st.petersurg fla location. Just wanted to add that is the most asked question I get from new hires and I have no good answer for them other than it’s policy and then that is the 2nd question…why is it policy? Thanks again hope you can help with this matter.

    • Leadpoint Moderator says:

      Our dress code is designed to keep our associates safe on the job. MRFs are dangerous places, and with the amount of glass and metal that comes through we need to protect as much skin as we can. The long pants also prevent glass from getting into your work boots as you sort on the line (pant legs should be worn OVER the boot, never “tucked in”). Your onsite manager is available to discuss Leadpoint’s safety policies, our LiveSafe philosophy, and any additional questions you may have.

  • Randy Garcia says:

    Hey how can I check out my pay stubs even though I have direct deposit
    Seattle WA location

    • Leadpoint Moderator says:

      You can find your pay stubs here:
      If you have forgotten your ADP login info or are logging in for the first time, contact Leadpoint’s corporate office first at 602-431-0410. Any of the Workforce Support Team members can get you started.

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