Smooth warehousing operations start with smart staffing

Warehouses provide the mission-critical link to the supply chain. The warehousing/logistics business sector is moving into the future quickly—and no company can afford to be stuck in a 1990s mindset.

What are some of the trends and issues affecting your industry? Certainly automation and computers have changed the game. Technology has created complicated staffing issues, especially when it comes to training. Your industry also needs to enforce more stringent safety procedures to prevent accidents. In addition, lower unemployment rates have resulted in a tightening supply of available employees.

None of these situations can be adequately addressed by a traditional staffing supplier. What you need is a company that provides results—not just more people. Long-term solutions, not just quick fixes.

That company is Leadpoint.

We understand your business and that’s why our service and performance management teams are chosen from the industries we serve. Leadpoint has onsite management available to deal with everyday issues. Another big advantage is Leadpoint’s Workforce Optimization Process which streamlines the hiring, training, development and performance measurement of employees. Your ultimate benefits: productivity gains, improved morale and much better safety results.

Leadpoint’s Performance Management Center (PMC) is our high-tech hub which oversees your entire operation, using real-time information and analytics to assure greater employee performance and enables you to solve those sudden small problems before they get out of control.

So, if you’re ready to move your warehousing/logistics operation forcefully into the future, consider Leadpoint. You can be assured that we will address your specific needs with the easiest, fastest, most economical solution.

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