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Recycling Facility Line Lead

Line Leader First Shift

Hours: 6:00 am to 5:00 pm

compensation: $11.20 to to start. There is a one month probation period and after 30 days the pay increases to $13.70 per hour.

Line Lead Job Description:

– Responsible for performing all assignments and duties given by On-Site manger and System Lead. Oversees and documents the performance of the Line Sorters, reporting data to the System Lead and On-Site Manager.

– Assist On-Site Manager with pre-employment line testing and screening. Must possess the ability to work in an industrial environment, standing and walking up and down stairways and platforms for a full 8 to 10 hour shift or more if required.

Functions and Basic Duties:

Maintaining, and reporting start and ending time for pertinent shift. Makes certain that all employees sign into the sign in sheet, records any missed sign in’s, time, sick, etc. Monitor and report hand speed data to the On-Site manager. Facilitates in resolving staffing needs as necessary for pertinent shifts. Assist in the data collection which is used to track safety, production, and quality on a daily basis.

Maintain good employee relationships on a professional level. Reports any safety violations and takes appropriate action to immediately correct and document the violation. Remains on sort line at all times unless otherwise directed by the On-Site Manager, System Lead, and or in the case of an emergency.

Safety, production and company goals. Reporting to the On-Site manager and System Lead any attendance issue or concerns. Oversees assigned employees to ensure the work area is clean, secure, and safe. Conducts and documents daily safety meeting prior to start of pertinent shift. Regularly reviews the progress and performance of employees and reports the data back to the On-
Site Manager.

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